1-StopMovers is Closing Its Doors -
This is Why.

Several years ago, around 2015, Matthew Monse and Paul Micheletto were very good friends who began discussing how they would build a moving company. Matthew was a strong man who had a strong ability to handle people for the benefit of the company. Paul was also a strong man, but he didn't want to manage the company. So Matthew began building 1-Stop Movers with Paul as his right-hand man.

Their goal was to build an honest company, not just for the sake of profit, but for the benefit of others. They wanted the customer to win in every transaction, but this world makes it real hard to do that.

A great many people, most people, relished this small band of movers who smiled, laughed, and worked hard to make their customer's lives a little better at least for the time that 1-StopMovers was performing their move.

But some people could not be satisfied no matter how hard Matthew and Paul tried, but that is just a part of life on this planet floating in space.

1-StopMovers quickly grew and everyone was talking about buying their own moving trucks, renting an office facility where trucks and supplies could be stored, and expanding their business area outside the Huntsville, Madison, Alabama geographical area. During some times of the year, Matthew, Paul, and all the great people who worked for 1-StopMovers ran through their days exhausted as the demand for their services grew.

And then came that day on August 15, 2018 when Matthew and his fiance were involved in a tragic car accident. All of Matthew's family and friends were in shock as the news of his death fell upon them. 1-StopMovers sank into uncertainty for many months, but then Paul Micheletto decided to continue the dream that Matthew, his friend, and he had shared.

For many years, Paul did an excellent job maintaining the small company, but the world is not a kind place. Paul is an extremely hard worker, but little things like covid and worker shortages caused his attempts to grow the company to fall short. And for Paul and everyone around him, the company was a constant reminder of the loss of Matthew.

The time has come to let Matthew's and Paul's dream be a dream of the past. Paul will now change directions into new adventures that he feels better qualified for.

All of us who have shared in the adventure we know as 1-StopMovers wish Paul all blessings from Heaven as he moves into the future. May the Lord of Grace shower him with all good things.

Matthew and Paul celebrated their friendship the same day each year - here is a picture of one of those days.